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The Spellkasters – Kastin’ The Spell
Angel Air


Rating: C

The origins of this bluesy-rocking band go clear back to the 1960’s when Mike Green co-founded the legendary English rockers The Pirates.  Green stayed active with the band for many decades until his death in 2010.  Since the 1990s, the rhythm section of the band consisted of drummer Romek Parol and bassist BJ Anders, and with their leader gone, they were not sure how they would carry on.  They knew they loved the band and often reminisced about the best five years of their musical lives they spent with Green.  Then, they formed a band.

The Spellkasters were born, and in February of 2014 they will release their first album titled Kastin’ the Spell.  The band formed and started pushing out three-chord bluesy rockers that are fun and bouncy.

While the band is not reinventing the wheel, they are playing music they love and paying homage to their friend and mentor, Mike Green, every time they jam together.  They are doing what they love and it comes across in their music.

1. Louise, Lousie

2. I Can Tell
3. Coming Home
4. Bad Blood And Voodoo
5. Casting My Spell
6. Vodka Headed Woman
7. Going Back Home
8. Valley Girl
9. All Through The City
10. Rollin And Tumblin
11. Ain’t Getting Mad

12. Don’t Munchen It
13. Gibson Martin Fender

By Jeb Wright