RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Supersuckers – Get the Hell
Acetate Records


Rating: C

The Supersuckers are a post punky rock band from Seattle who are high on themselves – and God knows what else – on the release of their latest album Get the Hell.  The band reports ”This may be a bit blasphemous to say, but we think it’s the bands finest work to date. Really, The Supersuckers have no business being this good after all these years! Hear for yourself exactly what has the band all fired up… 12 solid tracks of unrelenting Supersucker-itis, it’s as brutal and polished as the band has ever sounded.”

Okay, it’s not THAT good…but it is pure, honest, unadulterated and funny.  There is no way you can crank up these giant riffs and not get into the music.  “High Tonight” and “Fuck Up” are the best tunes on the album and are both so much fun that I am pretty sure you can get arrested listening to them.  The remake of Gary Glitter’s “Rock On” is, as you guessed it with these boys, a lot of fun as well.

The album was recorded in Austin, Texas and was mixed by The Dwarves Blag Dahilia, ensuring the punk nature of this music is properly represented.  Is it fun?  Yes.  It is funny?  Oh yeah.  Is it worth checking out?  Sure.  Is it the end-all for the music world?  Well, no, but it is a fun album. After a few listens it will likely collect dust in your collection, or be shuffled by on your iPod, depending on your age. A couple of these songs are true ‘keepers’ and will make one smile over and over even upon repeated listens.


1. Intro
2. Get the Hell
3. Something About You
4. Fuck Up
5. High Tonight
6. Pushin' Thru
7. Never Let Me Down Again
8. Gluttonous
9. Disaster Bastard
10. Bein' Bad
11. That's What You Get For Thinkin'
12. Shut Your Face
13. Rock On

By Jeb Wright