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The Doors - R-Evolution
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: A

Few bands have such a fantastic history as The Doors.  Musically they were different; emotionally they triggered deep reactions from their fans, and violent ones from their detractors.  Most of this was caused by the strong personality of their iconic lead singer Jim Morrison, who singlehandedly made The Doors larger than life. 

Eagle Rock Entertainment has culled together early television appearances by the band, as well as the band’s homemade videos that, when taken all together, provide the true history of the band as never seen before. 

The documentary has been released in four different formats in the USA and Europe.  There is a deluxe set that both Blu-ray and DVD which includes a 40-page book.  There is also a more affordable Blu-ray, DVD release, which is what is being reviewed here. 

There are 19 performances from The Doors on R-Evolution.  They range from corny teen dance shows of the day to artsy-farsty homemade movies.  The band goes from looking uncomfortable in the public eye to dangerous in only a few short years—months really. 

As the performances prove, they were on a rollercoaster of success that was not truly realized until after the death of Morrison.  They had an energy and presence that was not quite understood in their time, but has lasted, and will last, for all time. 

This is a wonderfully produced product that looks and sounds great.  It is a treasure trove for Doors fanatics and the perfect introduction for the curious to the band.  

While it was never totally proven Jim Morrison ever died, this collection of performances ensures he will live on forever.    

1) Break On Through (To The Other Side) 2) Break On Through (To The Other Side) 3) The Crystal Ship / Interview / Light My Fire 4) Light My Fire 5) People Are Strange 6) Moonlight Drive 7) Unknown Soldier 8) Hello, I Love You 9) Touch Me 10) Wild Child 11) Roadhouse Blues 12) Crawling King Snake 13) The Changeling 14) Gloria 15) People Are Strange 16) Strange Days 17) L.A. Woman 18) Ghost Song

By Jeb Wright