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Ace Frehley – Trouble Walkin’ 
Rock Candy Records


Rating: B

After releasing two hard rocking albums under the band name Frehley’s Comet, the former Kiss guitarist decided to release his first official solo album under his name in 1989. 

In a time when Ace should have been long forgotten, he was able to put together some rocking songs and snag former Kiss producer Eddie Kramer and surprise everyone with a solid effort.

Okay, so most of the songs are pretty generic rock with that Space Age guitar twist to it…and the lyrics are, for the most part, pretty darn silly. The album is still pretty good.  Has it stood the test of time?  Well, not so much… not most of it.  HOWEVER…and notice I wrote that in big letters…HOWEVER (did it again) there are a few moments where you just have to go,
“Damn you Spaceman…you’ve still got it!”

The remake of ELO’s “Do Ya” is hard rock perfection.  Ace Frehley doing an ELO song?  Are you kidding me?  And the fact that it is not just a good version but it is better than the version ELO did?  Shit, man, this fucker rocks!  “Shot Full of Rock” is silly, lyrically, but you just can’t help turning it up loud and rockin’ out.

I supposed that’s the way it is with Ace Frehley…when you least expect him to pull a good album out of his ass, he does it.  Sure, it’s not the best thing he ever did…slightly above average when taken as a whole…HOWEVER (there I go again with the caps), when the best bites are taken in context one realizes there some good stuff going on here.

Track Listing:
Shot Full of Rock | Do Ya | Five Card Stud | Hide Your Heart | Lost in Limbo | Trouble Walkin’ | 2 Young 2 Die | Back to School | Remember Me | Fractured III

By Jeb Wright