RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Derek Sherinian – Remasters
Armoury Records


Rating: B

Derek Sherinian is a true master of the keyboard who secretly wishes he were Zakk Wylde…or Steve Lukather…or Yngwie Malmsteen…or possibly even Al Di Meola.  Yes, this key tinkling rock god may wish he were a guitar player, or that is how it seems while listening to his solo efforts.

These re-releases are great news for those among us who worship at the alter of six string saviors and enjoy Derek’s music from his past bands, which include Black Country Communion and Dream Theater, among others.

Sherinian has released five solo albums over the years.  Armoury Records had the good sense to re-release these suckers and remind people there is great rock music still being released. 

The titles available, once again, are Inertia, Black Utopia, Axis of Evil, Mythology and Blood of the Snake.  Each album is filled with sizzling guitar work from some of his many famous axe-wielding friends, as well as killer keyboard sections from the maestro himself. 

This is not all keys and guitars, however, as drums are handled by guys like Simon Phillips and Brian Tichy, and bass credits include names like Tony Franklin and Billy Sheehan.  Suffice it to say that these are albums by musicians, for musicians.  However, these releases are not so grandiose that the average guitar-loving, fist-raising rock lover can’t identify with and rock to. 

Fans of the six-string will be impressed by Derek’s friends.  These albums feature some heavy duty names; you will need to check out each album to see who plays on what, but we’re talking about Zakk Wylde, Steve Lukather, Al Di Meola, Allan Holdsworth, John Sykes, John Petrucci, Steve Stevens and Slash… ya, I know… yeow.

If you are aware of the music Derek has been making, then you will drool at the chance to add these discs to your collection.  If you’re new to this game, and wonder how in the hell you’ve not heard of these albums before, then you can buy ‘em all and crank ‘em up loud and often. 

Even the liner notes rock, as they were written by the famous rock scribe Joe Lalaina. 

This is good stuff. 

By Jeb Wright