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Lionize – Jetpack Soundtrack
Weathermaker Music


Rating: B

Lionize is a classic rock band that may not realize they are indeed a classic rock band!  We are talking keyboards that at times evoke the spirit of Jon Lord and vocals that are in the raucous realm of Glenn Hughes and Austin Winkler.  And guitar riff…and solos….that are, *gasp*, really good!

The band’s new effort is titled Jetpack Soundtrack and was produced by Clutch drummer Jean-Paul Gaster and the producer called Machine. 

The album opens with “Intro/Breather” and the rock is pumped up from the get go.  Most are excited about the tune “Reality Check,” but really every song is as good as the next.  There are vocal hooks, guitar riffs, searing solos, futuristic keyboard runs, a snappy snare with a ‘knock’, and fun choruses at every turn.  These guys are good, and as they hit the road on the Vans Warped Tour in 2014, more and more people will find out about them.

Just the fact that there are bands like this still flying the flag for rock and roll is comforting.  While they are no Deep Purple just yet…neither was Deep Purple their first few albums.

Lionize is filled with a promise that Classic Rock Revisited hopes becomes a reality.

By Jeb Wright