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Various Artists – A Psych Tribute to the Doors
Cleopatra Records


Rating: B

Back in the 1960s, no one let the freak flag fly higher than the Doors.  Nope, they were one-of-a-kind and scary to the mainstream.  It was new music, done a new way, and led by a weird drunk, stoned and outspoken dude named Jim Morrison.  They changed the world of music.  They changed the world.

Cleopatra Records has released a new tribute album to the band featuring some of the freakiest current bands of the day who were inspired by the Doors.  The bands include some interesting groups, with names like The Black Angels, The Raveonettes, Clinic, Psychic Ills, Sons of Hippies, Elephant Stone, Dead Skeletons and more!

These bands are all modern day psychedelic bands who are taking the freedom of music that bands like the Doors first, well, opened the doors for.  They are taking it to new levels of coolness, weirdness and, yes, even goofiness!

Check out the track listing, and I am certain you will want to check out some of these bands.

Somewhere Rev Jimmy M is toking on a number, tipping the bottle and smiling as he hears these creative bands take on his tunes. 

Track Listing

1. Elephant Stone – L.A. Woman
2. The Black Angels – Soul Kitchen
3. Psychic Ills – Love Me Two Times
4. Dark Horses – Hello, I Love You
5. Camera – People Are Strange
6. Dead Meadow – The Crystal Ship
7. Sons Of Hippies – The Soft Parade
8. Dead Skeletons – Riders On The Storm
9. Wall Of Death – Light My Fire
10. Clinic – Touch Me
11. VietNam – Roadhouse Blues
12. Geri X – Love Her Madly [CD ONLY]
13. The Raveonettes – The End

By Jeb Wright