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Dave Mason – Future’s Past


Rating: B

Dave Mason, now nearly 68, is taking us back in time to revisit some of his classic tunes.  And why not, because he not only takes us back, but he gives us new versions; interesting takes on his most classic moments.  He is a true rock and roll icon looking back with his fans and letting loose with some fun music, tailor made for his biggest fans.

The album opens up with “Dear Mr. Fantasy” and Mason kicks it in arse.  He was just crossing into his twenties when Traffic recorded this classic, so hearing the tune mature with the man that recorded the song years ago is really something special.  This is a version every bit as big and emotional as the original, but there is experienced guitar playing here…more mature playing and singing.  “You Can All Join In” is the same.  Fun, yet more laid back and cool from the 2014 Dave Mason.

This is a fun little project that Mason had a great time putting together.  If you purchase this release from the link provided above, then, exclusive to you, the fans, is this pre-release of Future's Past, a marriage of rerecorded classics and new originals.  Dave will throw in a digital download of the album as well as a bonus digital download of Dave Mason Live at Belmont Park 1978, also exclusive to this pre-release.

This is truly something worth joining in!

Track Listing
Dear Mr. Fantasy
World in Changes
You Can All Join In
As Sad And Deep As You
Good 2 U
El Toro (Spanish Blues)
Come On In My Kitchen
How Do I Get To Heaven
That's Freedom

By Jeb Wright