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Wishbone Ash – Blue Horizon
Solid Rockhouse Records


Rating: B+

Wishbone Ash is led by guitarist/vocalist Andy Powell.  The band has been in existence since 1969.  They have a dedicated legion of fans, and they continue to release great music.  Their last album, Elegant Stealth, was one of the best albums the band has ever released.  Now, in 2014, Wishbone Ash is back with another extremely strong album of their own special blend of rock and roll.

Blue Horizon consists of ten new songs, all well-written and perfectly executed.  Powell is a talented guitarist who combines his physical prowess with his intelligent musical design.  The result is smart music that is challenging enough to keep guitar fans interested, and unique enough to appeal to those who want more from their music than three chords and stupid lyrics.

“Take It Back” is the best song on the album.  Powell shines from beginning to end.  The message is pertinent as Powell has taken back the band name after a long court battle.  Here he instructs us to find our life and take it back.  He puts his money where his hands and mouth are, as he is in control of his own destiny.  “Deep Blues” has a crisp guitar solo section and a great bouncy rhythm.  “Blue Horizon,” along with “Being One” is a great, classic-sounding Wishbone Ash tune with building tempos and excellent guitar passages.

At the end of the day, there are no clunkers here at all... Just more intense and intelligent music…

Wishbone Ash has done it again!

Track Listing

Take It Back
Deep Blues
Strange How Things Come Back Around
Being One
Way Down South
Tally Ho!
Mary Jane
American Century
Blue Horizon
All There is to Say

By Jeb Wright