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Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House Of Rust
The End Records


Rating: B+

Krokus is alive and well in 2014.  In concert they are at their best.  Their latest effort, Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House Of Rust, is a testament to their rocking tenacity and talent.  You gotta love a band that will leave off some of their most radio-friendly, popular tunes in order to go back and play early cuts that the fans have been drooling over, as well as newer stuff that people need to know about .

Krokus’ last release was 2013’s Dirty Dynamite, and on this live album one gets four new songs including the anthem “Hallelujah Rock ‘n Roll.”  Hoodoo, from 2010 is represented by the amazing “Hoodoo Woman.”  Live, this song takes on a harder edge than the studio version which makes it even better than before.  The band pulls out the title track to 2006’s Hellraiser as well.  They also perform “Live for the Action,” which the band recorded in 2009 for the Ice Hockey World Championships, which was hosted by Switzerland.

These songs are all great and they totally rock, but the rest of the album will have old school Krokus fans screaming in the night as the band play eight tunes released between 1980 and 1983.  From 1980’s Metal Rendez-vous they crank out “Heatstrokes,” “Bedside Radio,” “Tokyo Nights” and the head-banging “Fire.”  From 1981’s Hardware we get “Easy Rocker” and “Rock City”.  From 1982’s classic album One Vice at a Time, the band plays “Long Stick Goes Boom” complete with a tad of the Who’s “Pinball Wizard,” and from the iconic 1983 release Headhunter the band performs the song they are most known for, “Screaming in the Night.”

As interesting and fabulous as this track list is, it only matters if the band can back it up on stage.  Krokus sounds as powerful and loud in 2014 as they did when they first took the stage.  Marc Storace’s voice is timeless and flawless.  How this man can do what he does and do it so well is beyond comprehension.  On top of his physical abilities he, and the rest of the current lineup, are dedicated to the band and paying both homage to the past, and dedication to the present day.

The bottom line here is that this is a great hard rock album by a great hard rock band.  Buy this one and play it loud and often.


Marc Storace - Lead Vocals
Chris Von Rohr - Bass, Vocals
Fernando Von Arb - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Kohler - Guitar
Mandy Meyer - Guitar
Flavio Mezzodi – Drums

Track Listing

01. Long Stick Goes Boom
02. Hallelujah Rock 'N' Roll
03. Go Baby Go
04. AM Woman
05. Tokyo Nights
06. Fire
07. Rock City / Betta Than Sex / Dog Song
08. Screaming In The Night
09. Hellraiser
10. Bedside Radio
11. Easy Rocker
12. Heatstrokes
13. Live For The Action
14. Hoodoo Woman

By Jeb Wright