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Dinner Music for the Gods - Beautiful and Treacherous

Rating: B

This Las Vegas band is making a name for themselves with the release of their new album, titled Beautiful and Treacherous.   The Music Gods, it turns out, like eating their supper while listening to electric guitars…just like me, although my Stouffer’s frozen dinner is not the Ambrosia the Gods are likely feasting upon. 

Either way, the tunes will be delectable as guitarists Darrin Pappa and Andy Heilman crank it up with a metal fury mixed with jazzy passages.  This is a solid band that is doing something fun and putting their own spin on the genre.  Jimmy Pappa on bass and Matt Muntean on drums create complex rhythms that both support the guitarists and flavor the passages appropriately.

The most intense, fun and creative song this band does is a hybrid of two classic tunes that they have melded seamlessly together.  “Ghost Troopers in the Sky” blends “Ghost Riders in the Sky,“ a very old cowboy tune made famous in the rock and roll world by the Outlaws, with Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper.”  This is, simply put, one bad ass mega-tune. 

The rest of the album is killer, along with another remake, Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” which came out very cool as well.  This band has their own songs as well, and they are just as daring and enjoyable as any of the other tricks they have up their musical sleeves. 

DMFTG is a band that will be enjoyed by any guitar enthusiast of any genre, as they are skilled, talented, and are reaching deep while taking this silly game called rock and roll very serious.

Track List:
Beautiful and Treacherous
Wind Through the Trees
The Tower
Ghost Troopers in the Sky


By Jeb Wright