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Eric Clapton -- Behind the Sun (SACD)
Audio Fidelity

Rating: B

Released in 1985, Behind the Sun is an often-overlooked album in the Clapton catalog. However, it should be remembered, as it features great guitar playing, wonderful songwriting, and a classic remake, and it was Eric's first collaboration with drummer Phil Collins.

Clapton had many hits with this sucker, including "She's Waiting," "See What Love Can Do," and "Forever Man". The album is emotionally charged, as the muse was seeing his relationship with Patty Boyd come to a close. This angst, mixed with the excitement of collaboration and Clapton's top-notch solo-ing, make this a strong album.

Now, Behind the Sun sounds better than ever, as it has been totally remastered and rereleased by Audio Fidelity as a Hybrid SACD, each copy numbered and limited. The album sounds so crisp and clear that you feel like Eric is on the other side of the glass, wailing away at his axe as you sit behind the soundboard in the studio.

This is a great album, both the music and the remastering.

Track Listing:
She's Waiting
See What Love Can Do
Same Old Blues
Knock On Wood
Something's Happening
Forever Man
It All Depends
Tangled In Love
Never Make You Cry
Just Like A Prisoner
Behind The Sun

By Jeb Wright