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TOTO -- Live in Poland 35th Anniversary
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B+

Toto went to Lodz, Poland, and sold out a large venue and recorded the two-hour-plus show to celebrate thirty-five years as a band. While not everyone appreciated the band's pop sensibility, no one, and I mean no one, can argue with their finesse, talent and sheer virtuosity. The band were at the top of their game on this night, and played fan favorites, album cuts, and their greatest hits, to the sheer delight of those in attendance.

Everything about this release is just cool. The band looks cool. They sound cool. The stage is cool. The instruments are cool-looking, and the sounds are vibrant and alive.

The track listing is a real trip down Toto's memory lane. They put in everything but the kitchen sink, including a great bonus section which features honest and sincere interviews with the band.

From "Rosanna" to "99" to "Africa" to "Hold the Line," this concert just cooks and sizzles, then lays back and gets mellow, then hops back up and kicks it up a notch. The feelings flow with the music for both band and audience. This is simply a good concert, featuring an amazing band who wrote some pretty good tunes.

This one is a winner.

Track Listing:

Intro, Medley: "On the Run"/"Child's Anthem"/"Goodbye, Eleanor," "Goin' Home," "Hydra," "St.George and the Dragon," "I'll Be Over You," "It's A Feeling," "Rosanna," "Wings Of Time," "Falling In Between," "I Won't Hold You Back," "Pamela," "99," "The Muse," "White Sister," "Better World," "Africa," "How Many Times," "Stop Loving You," "Hold The Line," and "Home Of The Brave"

By Jeb Wright