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Focus – Golden Oldies
Cherry Red Records

Rating: B

Focus is a band that, on this side of the pond at least, has never-ever got the respect they deserved.  In fact, they have pretty much been forgotten.  Other than the tune “Hocus Pocus,” no one seems to know anything about them. 

Due to this fact, the band entered the studio to re-record songs from their past catalog.  Of course the first song is “Hocus Pocus,” and it is just as fun, just as whacky and features the crazy vocals just like the original.  The re-records actual come across very well.  They don’t try to emulate the exact sounds but they make ‘em sound like they are supposed to.  The sound quality of the songs is actually improved. 

Songs like “Sylvia” and “House of the King” are great tunes and show that Focus was not so far off the Jethro Tull side of things.  Focus was not quite as accomplished at songwriting as Ian Anderson, and as musicians, Tull’s caliber of players was stronger than Focus’.  Yet, the songs are still really well played and thought out. 

Far too European for America to comprehend, this album is a great place to start for those who have heard of this band but have never been sure what they were all about. 

Track Listing
Hocus Pocus
House Of The King
Focus 1
Focus 3 & 2

By Jeb Wright