RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Krokus – Remasters
Rock Candy Records

Metal Rendez-vous                 C
Hardware:                                 B
One Vice at a Time                 A

Sit on back and get a quick history lesson on the band Krokus, and how they rose to be a true force in the world of hard rock and heavy metal.

In 1980, Krokus brought on singer Mark Storace and released Metal-Rendez-vous and the band began finding international attention.  This album was a good start, but something more was needed.  The band in this incarnation was still feeling its way, and while a few tunes like “Bedside Radio” and “Tokyo Nights” made people pay attention, the album as a whole was not very cohesive. 

The band pushed on and released Hardware in 1981 and, once again, no big hits were created and records didn't fly off the shelves -especially in the USA.  Hardware, however, did have more punch than its predecessor, and while they were not huge successes, songs like “Smelly Nelly,” “Mr. Go” and “Rock City” showed Krokus growing as a band, both as songwriters and performers.  Hardware paved the way for what came next... 

In 1982, Krokus went back to the rock and roll drawing board and tried again.  This time they released One Vice at a Time, an album that saw the band break into the mainstream Metal community around the world.  The opening track was dripping with AC/DC flavor, which was pretty good timing, as that band was taking the world by storm.

“Long Stick Goes Boom” was loud, ferocious, and infectious.  It set the tone of the album, and the rest of the tunes were damn near as strong.  The band did an exceptional cover of the Guess Who's classic “American Woman,” and loud rockers “Playin' the Outlaw” and “Bad Boys Rag Dolls” took the album over the top.  This release poised Krokus for the mega success that came with their next offering, Headhunter.

All three of the remastered discs reviewed here come with new liner notes, and all three are worth plunking down some scratch, although the must-own here is easily Once Vice at a Time

Krokus was then, and still is today, a great band that is in it for the right reasons.  Hats off to Rock Candy Records for giving this era of Krokus the respect it deserves.

By Jeb Wright