RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Peter Gabriel – Back to Front: Live in London
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: A

Recorded at London's O2, this concert is special for many reasons, the first of which is the music.

Peter Gabriel was celebrating the 25th anniversary of his biggest selling album So, and to mark the event he recruited the So band back to the fold.  The band then performed the entire album, start to finish.  This makes this release worth owning all by itself... but here are many other reasons to peep this one out. 

The concert was recorded with the latest Ultra High Def 4K technology, yet it wasn't needed at the start of the show, as Peter takes the stage by himself with the house lights on.  Don't be worried, a spectacular visual show follows complete with robot-like stage lights, but at the start it is just Peter.  And it is very interesting to watch and hear the man all by his lonesome.  However, the band comes on and the show begins, and it runs non-stop through amazing moment after amazing moment.  Once the lights go down this show goes from spectacular to stellar. 

Peter Gabriel is a genius and this show proves he is still passionate about both his past but also his present and future.  Few have been able to retain such integrity and creativity while achieving massive success.

By Jeb Wright