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Dixie Dregs – Dregs of the Earth/Unsung Heroes/Industry Standards
BGO Records

Rating: A

BGO Records is a great record company dedicated to repackaging, remastering and repurposing great music from the past in exciting new ways.  They have outdone themselves this time, putting together three classic albums by the blue-grassy, jazzy-rocking, mostly instrumental band from Atlanta: The Dixie Dregs.

The Dregs are most famous for being the springboard for guitar-master Steve Morse, who has been hanging out the past couple of decades in a band called Deep Purple. Here, Steve shows just how special he is.  Morse wrote and produced all of the songs on this release, and brought his special style of music to the Top 100 for each of these albums... something unheard of before and since. 

The album set contains new liner notes, and the music, which is over 30 years old, stands the test of time well as it is still very unique, creative and musically outstanding. 

Road Expense
Pride O’ The Farm
Twiggs Approved
The Great Spectacular
Broad Street Strut
I’m Freaking Out
Old World

Cruise Control
Divided We Stand
I’ll Just Pick
Day 444
Rock & Roll Park
Attila The Hun
Kat Food
Go For Baroque

Assembly Line
Crank It Up
Chips Ahoy
Bloodsucking Leeches
Up In The Air
Ridin’ High
Where’s Dixie?
Conversation Piece
Vitamin Q

By Jeb Wright