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Genesis – Three Sides Live
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B+

For the first time ever, the classic live Genesis release Three Sides Live has been released as a standalone DVD and Blu-Ray!  It’s about damn time, as this is Genesis at its pop/rock best!  Gone- well, mostly gone- were the progressive elements, replaced with the kinder and gentler Phil Collins on lead vocals and songs from the albums Duke and ABACAB. 

With the release of their now classic album ABACAB, Genesis prooved that a band of talented progressive-rock-rooted musicians could make radio friendly music and still retain their integrity.  This was years before Yes did the same on 90125. Pop music is not automatically bad, as is the case today.  Back when this concert was recorded, bands still wanted to sound unique, sell records and play for their fans.  Genesis was beginning to ride a wave of success that would last a lifetime.  

The band recorded the tour for the album in November of 1981 whilst in North America.  The track listing for the concert showcases the FM radio hit-making machine that the band had become, and includes “Turn It on Again,” “Misunderstanding,” “No Reply At All,” “ABACAB” and “Man on the Corner,” amongst others.  The live show is a true throwback to the days when people were interested in seeing real musicians playing real instruments and singing into microphones that are actually turned on.  There is no softshoe (although Phil Collins does dance like a nerdy white guy), there are no pre-recorded tracks and there is no amazing light show.  This is art and music over entertainment

The concert featured a ferocious band that pumped out the hits.  Genesis on this day consisted of Tony Banks (keyboards, backing vocals); Phil Collins (drums, lead vocals); Mike Rutherford (guitar, bass, backing vocals) with Daryl Stuermer (guitar, bass) and Chester Thompson (drums).  This DVD is not all just FM radio hits, however, as Genesis was not afraid of the past.  Just check out the medley of “In The Cage / The Cinema Show / The Colony of Slippermen” to view the old school Genesis in breathtaking live form, and you will see this was a good band, no matter what genre they were attempting to appeal to. 

Phil Collins may have gone on to be a pop radio darling, and Genesis became a watered down version of themselves before the ride was over... but for a while, during this era of the band, they were truly the best of both worlds.

1) Behind The Lines
2) Duchess
3) Misunderstanding
4) Dodo / Lurker
5) Abacab
6) No Reply At All
7) Who Dunnit?
8) Medley: In The Cage / The Cinema Show  / The Colony Of Slippermen
9) Afterglow
10) Me & Sarah Jane
11) Man On The Corner
12) Turn It On Again3

By Jeb Wright