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Robin Trower – Something’s About to Change  
2 Records

Rating: B+

Robin Trower has been involved in the business of music longer than I’ve been alive, and I am no spring chicken!  With over half of a century behind him as a professional musician, one may think that Trower would have ‘been there and done that’ so many times that he had nothing left to offer, creatively.  One would be wrong!  His latest album, out now, titled Something’s About to Change, proves that music comes from the soul- no matter what age the practitioner may be!

Robin was deeply influenced as a young man by classic bluesmen, and his latest effort reflects his love of the genre.  The man knows what he’s doing as “Riff No. 7 (Still Alive)” proves.  There are many songs where Robin is channeling everyone name Howlin’, Muddy or John Lee that has ever existed... and the result is some smooth soloing! 

It’s not all blues, however, as there are plenty of classic RT moments here.  The title track damn near see’s Robin thinking it’s the early 1970s again!  “The One Saving Grace” is a good example of Trower taking what he learned from Jimi and applying it to those who came before Hendrix and twisting it all into an original tune of his own.   “Till I Reach Home” features that classic Trower effervescent eeriness that his fans have come to love, yet it is new and not just a nod to his past.  This song just begs for Jimmy Dewar’s voice, God rest his soul!  The song is tacked on at the end of the album, but it’s one of the best in the bunch.

All of the songs on Something’s About to Change were composed by Trower, who not only played guitar, but also bass and he sang the songs as well.  Robin’s voice gets more comfortable with each album he releases.  His voice will never replace Pattison or Dewar’s, but he has proven himself to be quite capable as the singer of the band.  As far as his guitar skills are concerned… are you kidding?  This guy has magic in his fingertips and passion in his soul.  Robin does not just play music, he feels it.  He reflects on this when he says, "As a songwriter and a performer, you use everything at your disposal to put into songs.  There is some sort of feeling of emotional release when you play a note that rings out right."

Produced by long time friend, collaborator and damn fine bass player in his own right, Livingstone Brown, Trower has created a wonderful addition to his legacy.  The album will be released right around Trower’s 70th birthday, making one wonder just what he plans to come up with on his 80th.   

Trower is choosing, as the title says, to continue to change and grow as an artist.  While this is sad news when it comes to everyone who wants him to crank out another version of For Earth Below or Bridge of Sighs, it is good news in reality, as Trower moves forward with the mantra of taking what he has done in the past, mixing it with where he is at today, and moves into the future!

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but with Something’s About to Change, Robin Trower proves he still has a few tricks up his sleeve! This one is very good, boys and girls.  There is absolutely no reason not to check it out.

Album Track Listing

1. Something’s About to Change
2. Fallen
3. Riff No. 7 (Still Alive)
4. Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds
5. Good Morning Midnight
6. What You Never Want To Do
7. Strange Love
8. Gold To Grey
9. The One Saving Grace
10. Snakes and Ladders
11. Up and Gone
12. ‘Til I Reach Home

By Jeb Wright