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J. Geils Band - House Party Live in Germany
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

From Bean Town to Germany, the J. Geils Band were bringing their blend of bouncy, boogie rock around the world in the 1970s.  Sure, they're most famous for MTV videos featuring centerfolds and jamming inside of parachutes, but back in 1978 they were known for being a fierce live band.  Eagle Rock Entertainment has now released a concert recorded on the German television show Rockpalast that captures the band in all their late '70s glory.

The band was opening for Johnny Winter and Patti Smith on the night this CD/DVD was recorded.  They didn't let the fact they were ‘openers’ get in their way, however, as they rocked the German crowd from the first note of "Jus' Can't Stop Me" and didn't let up until the final note of "First I Look at the Purse."  The band was having fun on stage and building an energetic wave that must have made following their act tough for the headliners!

The band rocked out many of their early classics, including "Whammer Jammer," "Sanctuary" and "Give It to Me."  They also performed their version of the Supremes classic, "Where Did Our Love Go." 

While this is not the end all and be all of rock concerts, it is a fun little snapshot in time at a band who thought they were at the top of their game, but in reality, were just warming up to the major commercial success that was to be just a few years ahead. 

This is a fun one, and documenting the band live on DVD is pretty cool.  They sure look '70s, but they sound 'oh so cool'!

This one will blow your face off fer sure!

Track Listing:
Jus' Can't Stop Me
I Could Hurt You
One Last Kiss
Wild Man
Looking for a Love
Give It to Me
Whammer Jammer
Ain't Nothing but a House Party
Where Did Our Love Go
Pack Fair and Square
First I Look at the Purse

By Jeb Wright