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Jerry Bloom – Deep Purple – A Matter of Fact

Rating: B-

Deep Purple is a band with a lot of historical relevance, as well as a ton of wicked rumors and other worldly tales.  Surrounding the band’s illustrious history is a treasure trove of mystery, mayhem and malice… and tons of funny stories.  From Blackmore to Morse, Lord to Airey and Gillan to Turner, author Jerry Bloom reports the facts, dispels the rumors and even starts a few of his own! 

The book is well written and fun to read.  It is written for the huge DP fan and they will gobble this stuff up.  For the Deep Purple fanatic, this will be a book to keep on the back of the commode for a daily ritual of scripture for the Deep Purple fun.  For the casual fan, there is a ton of stuff you probably never knew about this band.  For instance did you even know, or ever wonder about the following:

  • How did Ian Paice and Rod Evans end up supporting Deep Purple?
  • Why did Ritchie Blackmore's country and western style of guitar playing save him from a beating?
  • Why did Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler review a Purple gig?
  • Who first recorded versions of several Deep Purple songs, complete with an orchestra?
  • Did Deep Purple's explosive performance at Plumpton really prevent Yes from performing?
  • Who did Deep Purple sue for selling bootlegs?
  • Which big rock star did the band get in a spat with at Knebworth?
  • Why did the Bee Gees receive Purple's lifetime achievement award?
  • What was Deep Purple's involvement with a film about a sixteenth century naval explorer that never got produced?
  • Why were some of Deep Purple's recent gigs illegal? 

The Forward to this book of rock and roll facts is written by self-proclaimed Deep Purple nut, and professional tennis legend Pat Cash.                     The rest is all Bloom, and that amazing cast of characters called Deep Purple. 

By Jeb Wright