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The Guess Who:" The Best of The Guess Who
Audio Fidelity

Rating: A

The people at Audio Fidelity are true magicians of sound, taking a classic album that has been loved for decades by rock fans and actually making it sound even better!  There are no bells, whistles or rare bonus tracks, but that is not what this sucker is about.  Rather than tempt buyers to fork over nearly thirty bucks on songs they don't care about, Audio Fidelity instead takes what is already recorded and makes it so much better, that one can't help but choose this version of the album over anything else available. 

The Guess Who was led by emotive vocalist Burton Cummings and talented guitarist Randy Bachman.  In the late 1960s and early '70s, the band had a string of Top 10 hits that secured their place in rock and roll history.  Now, their classic album, The Best of the Guess Who, has been mastered dual channel SACD from the original masters by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering.  The songs sound clear, sharp and probably even better than if you were sitting in the front row when they were played live over forty years ago!  The drums pop more, the vocals are sharper, the bass is totally separate and hear-able and the guitars are much more crisp than ever before.  Audio Fidelity is so dedicated to perfection that they even throw in a miniature version of the psychedelic poster contained in the original 1971 vinyl version of the album.

From "These Eyes," to "Laughing," to "Undone," to "No Time," to "American Woman" to "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" to "Hand Me Down World" and beyond, one will be finding themselves hitting repeat and listening to this album again and again.  "Share the Land" sounds more emotional while "Bus Rider" sounds more fun!  I am not sure how they do that by simply twisting knobs, but on this album Audio Fidelity outdid even themselves! 

Replace your vinyl, 8-Track or cassette of this album with this version at once!  This is the best these Canadian rockers have ever sounded!

Track Listings
1. These Eyes
2. Laughing
3. Undun
4. No Time
5. American Woman
6. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
7. Hand Me Down World
8. Bus Rider
9. Share The Land
10. Do You Miss Me Darlin'?
11. Hang On To Your Life

By Jeb Wright