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Thor - Unchained (Deluxe Edition)

F for Music
A for Cheese

From the very start, Thor was more of a concept than a band.  It was an attempt to merge a superhero with heavy metal and get teenaged males around the world to spend their money on it. It was part cheese metal, part fantasy and part, “oh my god what were they thinking!" Thor centered around bodybuilder Jon Mikl and featured Mike Favata, Steve Price and Keith Zazzi as the band.  The shtick was basically that Mikl was a heavy metal Hercules.  Shirtless, with long blond locks, Mikl played the part to the hilt.  The band slammed out the most predictable power chords, and the lyrics and titles to tunes played right into the show.  "Lightening Strikes Again," "Anger," "When God's Collide" and "Death March" were the script to, ahem, a musical.  On stage the band moved in unison to the music, and Jon acted the part of metal god with all his might, which was considerable, as in 1983 this was pre-steroid muscle! 

While Thor failed to became a huge act in the USA, there are places around the globe that still worship at the alter that is his stage.  Deadline Music saw an opportunity to cash in on Thor Mania and re-released Thor's 1983 debut EP Unchained.  The CD/DVD contains the six original tracks, plus 12 bonus tracks, as well as the rare 1982 Unchained master recordings.  The Bonus DVD will really get the Thor-Heads off the couch and taking notice.  Included is the video "Anger" as well as four live performances from 1984 and 1985.  As if
this was not enough, Thor has announced he will be hitting the road to support theatrical screenings of the new documentary titled I Am Thor.  This fall, Thor will release a new studio album titled Metal Avenger

Jon Mikl went from body builder to Thor to B-movie actor and is now Thor once again.  It's been an interesting ride.  His musical career took off, kinda-sorta with Unchained.  The music is cheesy, the production is lacking and the songs are sooooo Spinal Tap... but that's the charm.  No one really expects Thor to be taken seriously.  From that viewpoint, Thor scores points.  Thor is juvenile, silly and way over the top.  It is loud and it is fun.  It looks pretty tame from the review mirror in 2015, but it still has a bit of nostalgic charm.  The entire thing reminds one of a character on those Saturday morning non-cartoon shows like Shazam.  It was horrible, but we watched faithfully every week... of course, we were only 11 years old at the time.

What the heck, check out Thor.  Unless you're totally a tight-ass then, at some point, you will chuckle, and when no one is looking, you may even pump your fist in the air!

Oh sure, it’s terrible... but this level of bad is not easy to accomplish.

Unchained Tracklisting:
Disc 1

Lightning Strikes Again
Rock The City
Lazer Eyes
When Gods Collide
Death March

Bonus tracks (CD only)
War Hammer
Rebirth Of The Hero
Ride From Hell
Unchained (When Rises The Moon)
She’s A Nightmare

Original 1982 Master:
Lightning Strikes Again
Lazer Eyes
I Am Your Sire
Rock The City
When Gods Collide

Disc 2 (Bonus DVD)
-Anger concept video
-Raw footage
-Live in NY 1982 (Unchained release party)
-Live from Queens, NY 1985
-Live at St. Alban’s Hall 1984 (with Nik Turner as Loki)
-Live at the Marque 1984

By Jeb Wright