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Canedy - Headbanger   
Canedy Records

Rating: B

Carl Canedy is most famous for his drumming gig with under ground rockers The Rods, and for being a sought-after record producer in the heavy metal genre.  He was the Man in the Booth on albums by several Metal gods including  Overkill, Exciter, Anthrax and Possessed. 

Carl also produced his album Headbanger, the name of the band being his surname.  Carl wrote the songs as well and brought in many of his friends to help laydown tracks.  The list of guests includes vocalists Mark Tornillo (TT Quick / Accept) and Joe Comeau (Leige Lord/Overkill), guitarists Chris Caffery (Savatage/Trans Siberian Orchestra) and John Hahn (Harpo / John Hahn), bassists Nolan Ayres, Garry Bordonaro, Garry Chesick, Lincoln Bloomfield Jr. and Rosane' Galvao. 

There is one other guest who appears on the album, and really makes this one worth the purchase price.  Ronnie James Dio sings on the tune "The Code," one of the last song the late great RJD recorded.  Dio knew Carl, as David Feinstein of The Rods is Ronnie's cousin and was his band mate in the band Elf. 

This is a pretty much old-school, straight ahead affair.  The songs all rock, though nothing stands out as the end-all / be-all of heavy metal.  That said, it’s an honest effort... and honestly, it sounds better the louder you play it. Go figure!

This is a solid album by a guy who has lived the rock and roll life for many decades.  It sounds good and will get you moving and put your fists in the air.

The guitar solos are, as one would expect, damn fine, while the vocals come and go, in terms of impressiveness.  The drumming is loud and fairly aggressive with Canedy playing for the song instead of, literally, trying to pound it down our throats.

This one is a fine effort for the masses of Headbangers around the world who follow this type of music. 


1. The Calm Before/Into The Storm (Instrumental Version) (02:01)
2. Cult Of The Poisoned Mind (05:39)
3. My Life, My Way (04:51)
4. No One Walks Away (04:47)
5. Crush (Instrumental Version) (00:20)
6. Heat Of The Night (04:43)
7. Crossfire (04:32)
8. Ride Free Or Die (04:29)
9. Madman (04:00)
10. The Code (Bonus Track) (05:27)
11. No One Walks Away (Bonus Track) (01:43)
12. Cult Of The Poisoned Mind (Bonus Track) (05:17)
13. Rabid Thunder (Live) (05:34)
Total Time 53:28

By Jeb Wright