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Whitesnake – The Purple Album  
Frontiers Records

Rating: B

David Coverdale has made a career of being the main man in the hard rocking band Whitesnake.  His face, his voice… his hair have all helped to create a larger than life image of a true, living and breathing rock icon. 

There was a time, however, when Mr. Coverdale was but a wee lad trying to find a band for which he could play guitar and sing.  He was young, inexperienced, yet full of raw talent.  His big and unexpected break came when he was chosen to replace Ian Gillan in Deep Purple, who were at that time one of the biggest bands in the world.

Coverdale became the vocalist for the band (no need for his six-string talents, as there were people surrounding him named Ritchie Blackmore and Tommy Bolin) during the DP Mach III and IV version of the band.  His most famous contribution was the song “Burn,” followed by the tune “Stormbringer.” 

Upon Purple’s demise, Coverdale worked hard to erase, at least in the eyes of his USA fans, that fact that he had ever been in Purple and that he was a star in his own right. It took Whitesnake several albums, but with Slide It In and the follow-up Whitesnake Coverdale realized his dreams; he was a star. 

Now, many years down the road, Coverdale has gone back in the studio to have his current lineup of Whitesnake members pay homage to his days in Deep Purple. 

“It’s a tribute. A homage. It’s a huge thank you from me to Deep Purple for the opportunity I was given over 40 years ago,” states Coverdale. “As I said to Ritchie, you guys set me on an incredible journey that continues today and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers. The University of Deep Purple was an extraordinary, amazing school to learn from. We can’t wait to play these songs in concert!”

The albums 13 tunes cover the best of Coverdale’s Purple songs.  Along with “Burn” and “Stormbringer” are “Lady Double Dealer,” “Mistreated,” “Lay Down Stay Down” and “Soldier of Fortune.”  Every track is cranked up and churned out with the electric guitars providing the power.  This is a Whitesnake tribute to Deep Purple, so the songs are not perfect replications, but rather reinterpretations, ‘Snake-style... yet they all work.

This is a very unique album and sees Coverdale’s band honored to be part of his Purple past. Guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra both play their arses off, while bassist Michael Devin and Tommy Aldridge on drums provide the rhythm section for the entire project to work correctly.  David Coverdale provides the pipes.  He is not a kid in his early 20s anymore, so he has to be smart about what he does, but, at the end of the day, he still pumps out some killer vocals. 

Hats of to David for doing something cool and creative for the fans, and for himself.  One gets the feeling Coverdale kinda digs these tunes after all. 


The tracklisting for The Purple Album is:
1) Burn
2) You Fool No One (interpolating Itchy Fingers)
3) Love Child
4) Sail Away
5) The Gypsy
6) Lady Double Dealer
7) Mistreated
8) Holy Man
9) Might Just Take Your Life
10) You Keep On Moving
11) Soldier Of Fortune
12) Lay Down Stay Down
13) Stormbringer

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
14) Lady Luck
15) Comin’ Home

DVD Content:
Lady Double Dealer - Music Video
Sail Away - Mix Music Video
Stormbringer - Music Video
Soldier Of Fortune - Music Video
Purple Album Behind The Scenes
Purple Album EPK

By Jeb Wright