RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Sammy Hagar and The Circle - At Your Service

Rating: B

Sammy Hagar has formed yet another super group and, once again, it kicks maximum ass!  This dude loves to rock as much as he loves to drink!  It is always a non-stop party with Sammy Hagar, and this time he brings the best of both worlds: From his Van Halen/Chickenfoot days he has bassist Michael Anthony in tow, and from The Waboritas he has guitarist Vic Johnson.  Beating the skins for the concert was the DNA of Led Zeppelin, the offspring of Bonzo himself, Jason Bonham. 

The result is a power-packed ‘live’ offering featuring songs from Sammy’s 4+ decades in the music biz, with a few Zeppelin numbers thrown in... just ‘cos they can!

Unlike his former band’s original singer, Sammy still sounds great!  With Hagar, we are talking about instantly recognizable vocals that make you wanna quit your job, grab a drink with an umbrella and head off to a beach somewhere; preferably in a red Trans-Am convertible with a loud stereo.

The album contains everything from the Montrose classic “Rock Candy” to Van Halen hits “Poundcake,” “When It’s Love,” “Why Can’t This Be Love,” “Finish What Ya Started,” “Dreams,” “Best of Both Worlds” and “Right Now.” 

From his solo catalog we get rockers like “There’s Only One Way to Rock,” “I Can’t Drive 55” and “Heavy Metal.”  Bonham brings the Zep to the party with a slice of “Moby Dick” and “Good Times Bad Times,” which gets the crowd revved up to the max!  “Rock and Roll” and “When the Levee Breaks,”  however, are the best of the Zeppelin tunes performed. 

How does one go wrong cranking up 19 classic tunes with a talented band fronted by the Red Rocker?  They don’t.  Get this one and crank it up, and then go to the website and check out the tour dates as The Circle will be ‘at your service’ in a town near you this summer!

At Your Service Track Listing:

01 There's Only One Way To Rock  5:45
02 Rock Candy  5:54
03 Good Times Bad Times  3:26
04 Poundcake  5:57
05 I Can't Drive 55  5:08
06 Mikey Bass Solo  3:31
07 When It's Love  5:39
08 Whole Lotta Love  5:46
09 Little White Lie  4:17
10 When The Levee Breaks  8:18
11 Jason Drum Solo / Moby Dick  6:31
12 Why Can't This Be Love  4:10
13 Finish What Ya Started  4:52
14 Heavy Metal  4:39
15 Vic Guitar Solo  1:24
16 Best of Both Worlds  7:03
17 Right Now  6:10
18 Rock and Roll  3:26
19 Dreams  5:08

By Jeb Wright