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IZZ - Everlasting Instant 

Rating: B+

IZZ are one of the top Progressive Rock bands in 2015.  In the day and age of American Idol pop stardom, Prog has been an all but forgotten genre... well, that is by everyone but the fans!  Prog Heads never cared who was on the charts anyway.  They've continued to support the style of music that makes them the music nerds that they are, and not many bands are as worthy for their worship as IZZ.

The band's latest offering, Everlasting Instant is the final chapter in a three-part epic that includes the album The Darkened Room and Crush of Night.  This time around, the huge tune -the one that will amaze the Progsters- is "Cant Feel the Earth Part IV."  This is pure Proggy greatness.  The sounds of this sucker are what makes this style of music so damned interesting.  This song has vocal harmonies that are unbelievable and top-notch musicianship, including a killer guitar solo to boot.

Tom Galgano is the keyboard player and male vocalist who also is the producer of IZZ.  He sums this up when he states, "Many of the melodies, rhythms and lyrics on Everlasting Instant began as seeds on the two previous albums and they have undoubtedly come to fruition on this new release. Listeners will recognize these subtle variations on prior themes and will also be presented with an exciting new collection of musical ideas.”  The female lead vocals of Annmarie Byrnes and Laura Meade are spectacular and color the music on songs like "Like a Straight Line" and "If It's True."

It is wonderful to be captivated by music that actually challenges the listener.  This album makes one pay attention and it demands multiple listens, repaying the listener with something new and fresh each time the music is played. 

This one is a winner!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Own the Mystery
2. Every Minute
3. Start Again
4. If It's True
5. The Three Seers
6. The Everlasting Instant
7. Keep Away
8. Can't Feel the Earth, Part IV
9. Illuminata
10. Sincerest Life
11. Like a Straight Line

By Jeb Wright