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Scorpions - Virgin Killer  
Audio Fidelity

Rating: A

The Scorpions are best known for the song "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and the success they had in the USA in the 1980s, however, this band had been pumping out albums for over a decade before the Hurricane hit! In fact, amongst their worldwide fan base there are huge disagreements over what era of the band is the best... based on songs, style, band personnel and chicks in the videos.  For those who say the years the band was on the label RCA, and featured Uli Jon Roth on guitar, the album Virgin Killers is one of their main points of persuasion!

The Scorpions with Roth in tow were a force to be reckoned with.  They were really two bands in one!  On one side of the coin there was guitarist Rudolf Schenker and vocalist Klaus Meine cranking out hard rocking songs with a commercial vibe like "Catch Your Train" and "Backstage Queen."  On the other side of the coin you had Roth, part Jimi Hendrix and part prototype neo-classical shredder!  His songs, like "Hell Cat" and "Virgin Killer" were powerful Heavy Metal.  This divide would eventually lead to Roth leaving the band; but for several albums the two styles worked very well together, perhaps never better than on Virgin Killer!

Audio Fidelity has released this classic album on 180+ virgin vinyl.  Not only will this thrill those who have hopped on the new LP buying bandwagon, it will thrill any old Scorpions fan who owns a turntable... and it should, as the songs and the solos in the songs sound so warm, fresh and cutting edge!  "Pictured Life" opens the album and proves right away this was a good move!

This is a must-own album for any fan of heavy metal.  The sounds contain the most pure Scorpions sting and the songs are revolutionary!  This is one of those albums where one can say, "They don't make 'em like this anymore"... and it is 100% true!
Play this one loud and often!

1. Pictured Life
2. Catch Your Train
3. In Your Park
4. Backstage Queen
5. Virgin Killer
6. Hell-Cat
7. Crying Days
8. Polar Nights
9. Yellow Raven

By Jeb Wright