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The Who - Live at Shea Stadium 1982
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

The Who crisscrossed America in 1982 in support of their very underrated release It's Hard.  The band's October 13th show of that year was at the famous Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets, at the time.  The place was packed and the band pumped out an amazing set.  Now, thanks to Eagle Rock Entertainment, we can relive the concert once again! 

The concert sounds great and the band play a very good mix of tunes from every era of their existence. The only drawback may be that the band seemed a little less than energetic at times.  Pete did less jumping than usual, though Roger twirled the microphone cord enough to get Carpal Tunnel!  John Entwistle stood cool as can be and delivered big time as he synched with drummer Kenny Jones to create the many unique sounds that represent the band's back catalog. 

The set was a mix of new and old with plenty of fan favorites thrown in as well.  From It's Hard we get great tracks like "It's Hard" and "Eminence Front."  Of course the classic 1970s Who is well represented, never better than with the trifecta off "Baba O'Riley," "Who Are You" and "Won't Get Fooled Again."  If that were not enough, they tossed out "Behind Blue Eyes," "The Punk and the Godfather," "Pinball Wizard," "Love Reign O'er Me" and many others.  There are even three bonus tunes from the evening before, also at Shea, in "My Generation," "A Man is a Man" and "5:15," the latter of which is a true powerhouse of a song. 

This would be the last tour until 1989 for the Who and the final tour for Kenny Jones on the drums, making it a cool release that captures a unique moment in time for the iconic band.

I Can’t Explain
Sister Disco
The Quiet One
It’s Hard
Eminence Front
Behind Blue Eyes
Baba O’Riley
I’m One
The Punk And The Godfather
Cry If You Want
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Love Reign O’er Me
Long Live Rock
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Young Man Blues
Naked Eye
I Saw Her Standing There
Summertime Blues
Twist And Shout

Bonus tracks from the first night at Shea Stadium:
My Generation
A Man Is A Man

By Jeb Wright