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Lynch Mob – Rebel
Frontiers Music SRL

Rating: B+

Whether you’re a fan of Lynch Mob or not, there is no doubt you’re going to want to go pick up this disc. It`s hard, heavy and gets right to the point.  This is kick-ass rock and roll, which is just what the world needs right now!

It`s hard to believe it`s been 25 years since the first Lynch Mob album, Wicked Sensation, came out.  It just goes to show that something great rose up from the ashes of the Don Dokken / George Lynch feud: a great hard rock band called Lynch Mob!

The line-up of the band may have changed over the years, but in this case, it’s for the better. Lynch Mob currently is made up of a true supergroup featuring L.M. vets Oni Logan on vocals, George Lynch on guitars, Jeff Pilson (Ex-Dokken, Dio and currently with Foreigner) on bass and a veritable monster on the kit, Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Slash and Billy Idol).

Rebel was produced by Lynch collaborator Chris "The Wizard" Collier and has a great collection of songs that are, predictably, full of great guitar riffs and solos... after all, this is George Lynch we’re talking about!  Oni Logan`s vocals are amazing as well -as this guy can hit the high notes- making his voice the perfect match for Lynch`s guitar riffs. The rest of the band is solid, making sure the rock keeps a-rolling!

Opening track "Automatic Fix" starts out with a killer drum intro that leads into Lynch`s massive guitar riff, which leads to Oni`s trademark vocals.  It does not take long to realize these guys in 2015 still know how to rock!  "Kingdom of Slaves" has some great blue`s sounding guitar riffs by Lynch and hard hitting vocals by Logan, showing the band has more than one trick up their sleeves!  They shift gears again with the song “The Ledge," which is a slower track that features a great guitar solo by Mr. Scary.  Other favorite tracks on Rebel are "Dirty Money," "Testify" and "Jelly Roll," the latter of which is a really fun song… just see below and play it for yourself!  In fact, each song, from the opening number, to the last track, "War," makes it clear that the Lynch Mob is back and ready to kick your ass!

These songs had me up and banging my head again, like I did years ago, letting me know that great rock and roll is not dead! 

Overall, this is a really a great rock album, not just for Lynch Mob fans, but also anyone who calls him, or herself, a true rocker! .

Track Listing:
1 Automatic Fix
2 Between the Truth and a Lie
3 Testify
4 Sanctuary
5 Pine Tree Avenue
6 Jelly Roll
7 Dirty Money
8 The Hollow Queen
9 The Ledge
10 Kingdom of Slaves
11 War

James Rozell