RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Foundry – Foundry 

Rating: B+

One of the hardest working voices in the ‘90s and ‘00s, Kelly Keeling, had been relatively quiet in the past five years.  That is until recently when Kelly began bombarding us with all sorts of new music, including last years, Red Zone Rider, featuring the guitar wizardry of Vinnie Moore, to this year’s solo album to this new band hailing from Las Vegas called Foundry.

Foundry is fronted by Kelly and features fellow Vegas musicians, Marc Brattain (drums), James Fucci (guitar), and Jason Ebs (bass).  Stoney Curtis, also from Vegas, and a fine solo artist/guitarist/singer in his own right, provides the guitar solos.

Foundry is a hard rocker.  From the beginning you are delivered with the one-two punch of “Blinded,” and “Mind Radio.”  Next up is a rocker called “Get Over It,” featuring some tasty solos.  “Rolling Stoned,” has more in common with Black Sabbath, than Robin Trower with its great groove.  “Hell Raiser” keeps the furious pace going and just cooks.  “Television” is another crunchy rocker yet still very melodic. The riff-tastic “Vegas Baby!” ends this hard hitting debut album.

The sound is crisp, the production is first rate, and the mix (by Steve Thompson of Guns N Roses, Metallica fame) is awesome. 

Kelly is a pro, having started out with Baton Rouge in the ‘80s and having previously fronted and recorded albums with Michael Schenker, John Norum, King Kobra, George Lynch, Heaven and Earth, Erik Norlander.  The results on this one are, as expected, musically and sonically awesome.  To these ears the album harkens back to his hard rocking days in the band Baton Rouge.

Fans of Kelly’s need to get this and check out this band as Foundry is proving any ass hat who said, “Rock is dead” dead wrong with their 2015 debut.

Track Listing:
    1. Blinded (3:18)
    2. Mind Radio (2:32)
    3. Get Over It (3:10)
    4. Rolling Stoned (3:06)
    5. Calling Allah (6:04)
    6. Hell Raiser (3:09)
    7. Shake (2:55)
    8. False Alarm (3:41)
    9. Television (3:25)
    10.Vegas Baby! (2:52)

By Dan Toner