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Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Live at Hyde Park 
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: A
On September 14, 2014 Jeff Lynne’s ELO headlined an event in London’s Hyde Park called Festival in a Day. It was the first time Lynne had performed on a festival stage in nearly three decades, and this time it would be in front of 50,000 people!

Lynne was nervous about the gig but admitted, "It seemed like the entire 50,000 were singing and clapping along, which carried on for the whole night. The Hyde Park concert turned out to be one of the most memorable shows ever for me."

On September 11, 2015 Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a Blu-Ray of the concert and two wonderful Bonus Features.  The first is an in-depth interview with Jeff where he recalls writing many of his classic songs.  The other Bonus is a TRUE bonus in every sense of the word...  Included here is a full length documentary titled Mr. Blue Sky - The Story Of Jeff Lynne and ELO.  The documentary includes commentary by Tom Petty, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and others.  The film goes from Jeff’s early days in the music business, his massive success with ELO and his time spent with The Traveling Wilburys.

Jeff still has what it takes on stage.  The songs pour out of him, and the entire crowd -all 50,000- were singing and dancing to every number.  The track list is provided below.  One gander and you will see that this sucker is a must-own piece of rock and roll history.

Lynne, a highly respected music producer, as well as a musician and songwriter, was very involved in every aspect of the making of this Blu-Ray.  He admitted as much when he claimed, “It's important to me that viewers experience the Hyde Park show exactly as it was performed on the night... in stereo.”

01) All Over The World
02) Evil Woman
03) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
04) Showdown
05) Livin' Thing
06) Strange Magic
07) 10538 Overture
08) Can't Get It Out Of My Head
09) Sweet Talkin' Woman
10) Turn To Stone
11) Steppin' Out
12) Handle With Care
13) Don't Bring Me Down
14) Rock 'n' Roll Is King
15) Telephone Line
16) Mr Blue Sky
17) Roll Over Beethoven

By Jeb “Evil Woman”  Wright