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George Lynch – Shadow Train 
Rat Pak Records


Rating: A

In the year 2015, no one, and I mean no one, could have predicted this: George Lynch releasing the best ever solo record of his career. Well, technically besides Sacred Groove, a couple of EP’s, some independent instrumental releases, and all Dokken, Lynch Mob and collaborative releases aside, it wasn’t a difficult task.  In all seriousness though, George Lynch has delivered the goods with Shadow Train.  The subject matter of this release regarding Native Americans is a very serious topic… maybe that’s why it’s ‘Loaded for Bear’, and kicks major ass!

Shadow Train is an accompanying music companion release to the forthcoming documentary Shadow Nation.  The documentary focuses on the Native American Indians living in the world today and some of the songs contained on Shadow Train will appear in the documentary.

Shadow Train is an 18 track journey deep into the Native American culture, past and present.  Leaving no topic unearthed from war, to massacre, to the Trail of Tears, to the present injustices, including poverty, and lies and deceit. Powerful and emotional, the tone is hard hitting, but lyrical and musical. 

Accompanying Lynch is one-time Tribe of Gypsies vocalist, Gregg Analla.  Gregg, a Native America descendant, provides honesty and conviction to the songs.  It’s the only way that this would have worked.  Rounding out the rest of the supporting cast are Gabe Rosales (bass), Donnie Dickman (keys), and Jimmy D’Anda (drums).

Shadow Train is divided over 2 CDs.  CD 1 opens up ferociously with “Vulture”.  George sinks his fingering hooks into you from the first note, and goes for the jugular without letting go during the next 8 tracks.   CD 2 slows the pace down a bit, and is full of groove-rockers “Believe”, “Fallen” and “Prayer Mechanism”.  “Sioux Wake Up” and “Trail of Tears” are spoken word tracks accompanied by music.  “Under the Crooked Sky” blazes things up again, and the album closes as it started with “World on Fire”, with Gregg Analla displaying his powerhouse voice with Lynch pulling out another amazing riff from his endless supply.

George Lynch has released a lot of stellar music lately.  Just this year alone we’ve already been blessed with Sweet/Lynch Only to Rise, and the newest Lynch Mob Rebel album, and now Shadow Train.  All 3 of those releases are distinctively different in approach, but all of them have that Furious George stamp.

At the time of this review, the classic-era Dokken rumor talks are once again in the air.  Depending on your view, with the way Furious George has been playing lately, he could definitely give Dokken a kick in the ass that’s been missing from that camp for some time now... we would welcome back Mr. Scary!

Track Listing:
Disc: 1

1. Vulture
2. Currency of Lies
3. Power and Resistance
4. Now It s Dark
5. Vulture (Slight Return)
6. I Am Weapon
7. Ghost
8. White Clay
9. Fight No More

Disc: 2
1. Believe
2. Blinded
3. Fallen
4. Glitter
5. Prayer Mechanism
6. Sioux Wake Up
7. Trail of Tears
8. Under A Crooked Sky
9. World on Fire

By: Dan Toner