RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Alone in the Universe

Rating: C

Jeff Lynne is known as Mr. ELO, and on this album he really is Mr. ELO, as there is no one from the Electric Light Orchestra anywhere to be seen... or heard!  Nope, this is Jeffy’s puppy.  He wrote it, and plays “everything but the shaker and the tambourine.” 

Jeff is kinda the dude that made ELO ELO, so no one should be too upset that he didn’t invite anyone over to play.  YET… it would have been cordial of him to do so, I suppose.  This recording proves he does not need them, however.  That said, Jeff doesn’t exactly set the rock world on fire with this album. 

Alone in the Universe sounds like ELO, but… and I am going to make some people irritated here… but, it sounds like a mellowed, old, old-dude-ELO.  The tunes are well-crafted and sound great, but like a guy after a big meal, they just make you want to cuddle up in bed and take a nap.  It is not even that the music is boring or elevator music or non-ELO music… it is just that it... well, it drones on and on.  There I said it.  Now that I’ve said it, I will say this… it is a most pleasant drone.  I just don’t think this will make anyone listen to this over some of the stuff he’s done in the past.  Such is the challenge of aging rockers across the globe.  Not even Jeff Lynne can escape it. 

This one really is all alone in the universe, as it just is missing that special sauce to make it relevant here on planet earth.  Oh, don’t get me wrong...  It’s good.  Not a bad song on it.  Not a great song on it, either.  Like Pink Floyd’s latest effort, Jeff’s ELO will make a little splash and then drift away... like Dobie Gray. 

This review makes is sound worse than it is… such is an old rock critic’s lot in life.  Really, it’s not so bad.  It’s just not so good… ohhhhh, there I go again.

This is one of those albums yer just gunna have to listen to for yer-self and decide.  If you’re honest with yourself, my money says you’ll agree with me.  If not, then... what the hell, shoot me a message... maybe I will give it another shot!

This damn job ain’t always easy!  ( Be right there, honey !)  Gotta go.

When I Was a Boy
Love and Rain
Dirty to the Bone
When the Night Comes
The Sun Will Shine on You
Ain’t It a Drag
All My Life
I’m Leaving You
One Step at a Time
Alone in the Universe
Fault Line

By Jeb-elo Wright