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Martina Edoff – Unity

Rating: B

Martina Edoff is the Nordic Queen of Rock!  After a career of singing other people’s music, this foxy rock goddess has released her first ever solo effort—and it’s pretty damn good!

Martina is not pandering to the American market with this release. It sounds like it comes from across the pond... but so freaking what!  Good hard rock is good hard rock! 

Not only is Marina a bit sassy, and a bit sexy, she can sing!  This album is Céline Dion meets the Scorpions!  The music rocks... She can sing... It’s a good combination.   

The song first released, “World Has Gone Mad” has that 1980’s Scorpions vibe all over it and as good as it is, the sucker is not one of the standout tracks!  Martina would have been better off introducing the USA music fans to the rocking “Unity,” the really hard rocking “Caught in the Middle” or the Nordic Bombastic “Never Let You Down.” 

You have to give a 40-something brunette with a big voice credit for her over the top work ethic, belief in herself and her fantastic skills.  Martina summed it all up when she told Classic Rock Revisited, “In my head, from the minute I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep at night I have this drive that just pushes me through.” 

This rocker has it all. 

Check out Martina for something new and different that still rocks. 

Track Listing
Never Let You Down
World Had Gone Mad
Spirit of Light
Come Alive
I am Mining
Love Keeps Turning Away
Moment of Truth
Sound of Thunder
This Love is Crazy
Caught in the Middle

By Jeb ‘Rocks’ Wright