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Aunt Mary – New Dawn
Wind UP

Rating: B

Aunt Mary was a progressive rock band from Norway… make that Aunt Mary IS a progressive rock band from Norway. Never heard of this group?  You’re not alone.  This band has been under the USA’s radar pretty much since they were formed.

In the early 1970s, however, Aunt Mary was, amongst the fans of Progressive Rock, a member of the prog-elite, alongside Jethro Tull and King Crimson.   By 1973, they were toast... not yummy, buttery sourdough... just burnt–out toast.  They did, every decade or so, get back together for a show or two and in 1992 even released an album of blues covers titled Bluesprints.  Now, in 2016, Aunt Mary -against the odds- is back!

Surprisingly, this band sounds like they’ve been together much longer than they have… well... continuously, that is.  The concept was that the original band would do a new album, but some issues occurred within the band in the form of a member quitting, others becoming ill and in 2014 lead vocalist / keyboardist Jan Groth passed from cancer.  Main songwriter Björn Kristiansen was the only founding member left, so a new lineup had to be put together.  

The resulting album, appropriately titled New Dawn is a damn fine effort.  Despite all of the setbacks (which would have put the kibosh on most reunions) Aunt Mary’s new album rocks hard.  It is not very Prog in nature, but there is plenty here to be excited about.  The songs are well written, the sound of the album begs for high volume and the emotional impact of each track is very apparent -whether a rocker or a ballad. 

Aunt Mary guitarist and principle songwriter Björn Kristiansen shares, “...after many years without any new album from Aunt Mary, it’s with great pride and joy I’m now looking forward to releasing our new studio album New Dawn. The majority of the songs on this record are written based on my ideas, with great help from my band mates.  Being the sole remaining original member of the group, I’m from the bottom of my heart grateful for this opportunity to again be able to share our music with old and new friends around the world!”

Look for the band to hit the road in search of fans left behind, as well as new ones they will win over along the way. 

This one is worth checking out.  It’s fresh, yet classic.  It’s rock with tinges of Prog and lots of passion.

Track Listing:
Slave Parade
Unconditional Love
Hopelessly Lost
Happily Ever After
G Flat Road
I Was Born to Ride on the Wrong Side
Open Your Eyes
Blind Date
Been There Done That
Don’t Keep Me Waiting

By Jeb ’Hopelessly Lost‘ Wright