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Robin Trower – Where You Are Going To  
V-12 Records

Rating: B+

Robin Trower is proof that one can defy age and remain a vital and creative artist no matter how many years you are allowed to wander around on this spinning ball of dirt.  At the age of 71, Trower has recorded a new collection of songs that will have his air-guitar-playing brigade of fans jamming and smiling ear-to-ear.

Trower, best known for his classic early 1970s hits like “Too Rolling Stoned” and “Day of the Eagle” is a master of the Stratocaster!  He played loud, and was not afraid of the wah pedal.  These two attitudes are very prevalent on Where You Are Going To.  The music is a mix of his bluesy style that he had trotted out on his last few studio efforts combined with his classic rocking style which he is famous for.  It is the latter that will have his fans sitting up and paying attention.

“When will the Next Blow Fall” is a great song.  Robin takes no time showing that he has not forgotten how to rock.  To press the point, the next song “Where You Are Going To” is even more of a riff fest.  Other great tracks include the emotionally charged “I’m Holding on to You” and the powerful “Delusion Sweet Delusion.”

Trower sings on this one, something he is getting more comfortable with each time he records.  His voice is not as powerful as Jimmy Dewar’s was, but the lower, smooth register compliments the smooth distorted-delay solos that accompany each tune well.  The album features Chris Taggart on drums and Livingstone Brown on bass.  Livingstone also co-produced the album and handled the mixing/mastering chores.  Brown did a great job, as this release not only has classic Robin Trower leanings, it just sounds like a classic Robin Trower album.

Robin also designed the cover with graphic artist Eric Krause.  The cover image depicts how one door leads to another and then another and another… representing life’s journey.  There will also be a limited run of the album on vinyl!

When Robin Trower plugs in, cranks it up and uncorks that tone he not only makes music, he creates magic.  On this album Robin weaves a tapestry of sound on many of the tunes.  While some tunes lean more toward blues and others more rock, this writer is not shy in saying the rock songs are the best of the bunch.  He has not unleashed solos this strong, in this way, for a long time.  Here’s to hoping he continues to be inspired and write more in this vein.  After all, all we have is… a stitch in time, so we may as well take advantage of it.

My advice is to snap this one up as we only have one Robin Trower.  If we want to get more Trower, we have to give a little bit as well . And it’s not like it’s charity, no... we get the Power of Trower, which is a gift that we want him to keep on giving!

Track List:
When Will The Next Blow Fall
Where You Are Going to
Back Where You Belong
The Fruits of Your Desire
We Will Be Together Someday
Ain't No Use To Worry
In Too Deep
I'm Holding On To You
Delusion Sweet Delusion

By Jeb “Too Rolling Stoned” Wright