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Traveling Wilburys – Collection 
Concord Music Group

Rating: B+

It seems like only yesterday that George Harrison asked us to handle him with care.  Yet it was not yesterday (when all my troubles seemed so far away)… it was 1988.  Time flies, but that does not mean we don’t need to pause and revisit the best musical moments of yesteryear, now does it?

The all-star band called the Traveling Wilburys saw some of rock’s most elite members claim to be brothers Wilburys.  This ensemble put an album out and history was immediately made.  The band consisted of Harrison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne.  The debut album was written and released and it was apparent their alter egos had just as much talent and songwriting ability as the real men!   “Handle with Care,” “Dirty World,” “Last Night” and “End of the Line” were all pop/rock masterpieces and the MTV videos were pure fun.  This band was a hit… then Roy Orbison died and it seemed to be the end of the line for this talented band.

To celebrate Roy’s life, in 1990 the band reunited and released Vol. 3, the second release by the band.  Humor was always a big part of the band.  As great as Vol. 1 had been, Vol. 3 was not.  Without Roy that ‘something missing’ was enough to make this a yawn.  There were no hits and no hoopla.  The Wilburys simply traveled into history where they are still celebrated as one of the best super-groups of all time.

Concord has re-released this double CD, plus DVD documentary that was originally issued by Rhino Records a few years back.  Everything is the same.  It’s all good.  The first album is still a masterpiece while the second one is not.  The documentary is still cool.

At the end of the day, the world could use this band once again.  While it is not possible to have them do a Vol. 4, or Vol. 62 as they may choose to call it, we can relive the past and remember the time the greats came together for music first, money second… something that rarely seems to happen anymore... like yesterday.

Disc 1: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (originally released as Wilbury 25796, 1988) and bonus tracks

  1. Handle with Care
  2. Dirty World
  3. Rattled
  4. Last Night
  5. Not Alone Any More
  6. Congratulations
  7. Heading for the Light
  8. Margarita
  9. Tweeter and the Monkey Man
  10. End of the Line
  11. Maxine (bonus track)
  12. Like a Ship (bonus track)

Disc 2: DVD

  1. The True History of The Traveling Wilburys (24-minute documentary)
  2. Handle with Care (promo video)
  3. End of the Line (promo video)
  4. She’s My Baby (promo video)
  5. Inside Out (promo video)
  6. Wilbury Twist (promo video)

Disc 3: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 (originally released as Wilbury/Warner Bros. Records 26324, 1990) and bonus tracks

  1. She’s My Baby
  2. Inside Out
  3. If You Belonged to Me
  4. The Devil’s Been Busy
  5. Deadly Sins
  6. Poor House
  7. Where Were You Last Night?
  8. Cool Dry Place
  9. New Blue Moon
  10. You Took My Breath Away
  11. Wilbury Twist
  12. Nobody’s Child (from Nobody’s Child – Romanian Angel Appeal – Warner Bros. Records 26280, 1990)
  13. Runaway (remix of U.K. 12″ B-side to “She’s My Baby” – Warner Bros. Records W9523T, 1990)

By Jeb “I AM half the man I used to be” Wright