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Blackfoot – Southern Native
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Rating: B+

Okay… this one is a cool story, so sit down and crank up some Blackfoot and let me introduce you to… Blackfoot!  Yep, this is a new album by the Southern Rock band Blackfoot… only there are no members of the original Blackfoot in Blackfoot anymore.  

No, it is not what you think.  This is not one of those bands trying to make a buck and touring with old dudes who might have played one song from one of the bands old albums with no original members.  Blackfoot is telling you loudly and proudly that they do NOT have any original members.  It is a new album with all new members.  They are young, hungry and ready to keep the Southern Rock torch alive and well. 

The man who founded the band back in 1970, Rickey Medlocke (currently in Lynyrd Skynyrd) has mentored this pack of renegade rockers specifically for this purpose. When not flying the “Free Bird” flag around the world, Medlocke has written, performed on and produced this album, which is titled with a very cool and fitting Southern Rock name… Southern Native.

Blackfoot were always that Southern Band with balls… along with Molly Hatchet, they gave the genre a harder rocking edge so much so that Medlocke knew if he were to pull this next generation of ‘Foot off he would have to be sure they had a tough and hardened edge to them. He found them in lead guitarist/vocalist Tim Rossi, guitarist/vocalist Rick Krasowski, bassist Brian Carpenter and drummer Matt Anastasi.  Trust me, these boys can throw down some bad-ass guitar riffs that have grits in the grooves.  Medlocke is excited to introduce his band, this new band, to the world.  He smiles when he states, “This record is head to head old-school meets new school, classic to new rock for a brand new generation. Turn it up loud!”

Blackfoot always were a multi-generational band.  The past albums featured Rickey’s grandfather, the amazing Shorty Medlocke, on their records.  Now it is Rickey’s turn to mentor. Tim Rossi is aware of the band’s history when he says, “Having Rickey play slide and other guitar with us on this record bridges the modern gap. It’s a full-circle kind of thing.” 

The album kicks off with “Need My Ride” and all expectations are satisfied from the first loud guitar blast that comes straight out of the speakers.  The title track is pure Southern Rock that proves this band is not only passing this generational experiment, they are a band that will fly the flag for as long as they want to! The band also takes on the Neil Young classic “Ohio,” giving the tune a new harder edge.  There is not a clunker on the album, as the music was supervised by master Medlocke every step of the way.

Whoever says Southern Rock is dead has not heard this Blackfoot.  The train-train is moving forward and the highway song is playing once again!  This is the real deal.  Any fan of Southern Rock that hears this sucker is bound to be grinning ear-to-ear as soon as the album starts.  He or she won’t stop smiling until the last note... or later.

This sucker rocks. 

The band will get the ultimate test when they hit the road to support this release (see tour dates below). If they can hang together on the road, keep the classic Blackfoot songs alive with respect and continue to pump out new material like Southern Native, then Medlocke may have just performed the rock and roll version of Frankenstein and brought back this band from the dead!

Give it a shot… you’ll be glad ya did!  

Southern Native Track Listing:

01. Need My Ride
02. Southern Native
03. Everyman
04. Call Of A Hero
05. Take Me Home
06. Whiskey Train
07. Satisfied Man
08. Ohio
09. Love This Town
10. Diablo Loves Guitar

Tour Dates:

Aug 18 – Tulsa, OK @ The Vanguard
Aug 19 – Dallas, TX @ Trees
Aug 20 – San Antonio, TX @ Cadillac Bar
Aug 21 – San Leon, TX @ 18th Street Pier Bar And Grill
Aug 27 – Castle Hayne, NC @ Redneck Yacht Club
Sept 2 – Tazewell, TN @ Smoke In The Valley
Sept 17 – Bainbridge, GA @ Flint River Jam
Sept 23 – Stafford Springs, CT @ Palace Theater
Sept 24 – Kent Narrows, ND @ Island Bay Day
Sept 25 – Stanhope, NJ @ The Stanhope House
Oct 1 – Marietta, GA @ 120 Tavern And Music Hall
Oct 2 – Knoxville, TN @ The Open Chord
Oct 6 – Blackfoot, ID @ Blackfoot Performing Arts Center
Nov 15 – New York, NY @ BB Kings
Nov 23 – St. Charles, IL @ Arcada Theatre
Nov 26 – Palm Bay, FL @ Space Coast Harley Davidson

By Jeb” Shorty” Wright