RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

STYX – Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

STYX is a band that never rests!  Every time one turns around they are on the road.  They love making live albums and concert films.  They live on the stage. Now, once again, the band has released an in-concert performance... this time ‘live from Sin City’.


Filmed in hi-def, the end product looks and sounds great.  The arena is filled to capacity with their more hardcore fans, and they crank out the hits like it is nobody’s business.  “Too Much Time On My Hands,” “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man),” “Renegade,” and many more are met with standing ovations from the audience. 

The press release for the concert proffers this statement from Tommy Shaw, "Damn, we had a good time on that tour! Night after night following Don Felder's legendary set, we couldn't wait to hit the stage for our turn at bat. Unforgettable."

Don Felder joins the band onstage for “Blue Collar Man” as well.  He adds some Eagle’s style rocking riffs to the classic hard rock song.  Shaw takes a stroll through the audience at one point, jamming out a solo… the look on his face during his promenade, and his fans reaction is classic. 

Between songs there is some nice documentary style footage where each member of the band, as well as many members of their crew remember the night in detail. 

The band consists of Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Todd Sucherman (drums), Lawrence Gowan (vocals/keyboards), Ricky Phillips (bass, backing vocals), and includes a few guests spots by original bassist Chuck Panozzo

All in all, this is not a must-own for many, as STYX seems to be releasing a live album of some sort every other month… but the set list is full of huge hits, the interview sections are done well and the audience reaction is enthusiastic. 

Once again, a solid effort by a solid band. 

Set List:
Too Much Time on My Hands
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
Light Up
Crystal Ball
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (featuring Don Felder)
Rockin' the Paradise
Genki Desu Ka

By Jeb “Pretty sure they really were angels” Wright