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Toto – Live at Montreux 1991 
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B+

Toto is a band that can be described a jazz-fusion pop band full of musician’s musicians!   The respect they have as a band was never more evident when they appeared as the 1991 Montreux Jazz Festival by the invitation of music icon Quincy Jones and the festival founder Claude Nobs!  

Toto’s lead guitarist Steve Lukather remembers it well, ““From the perspective of the members of Toto,  the Montreux Jazz Festival is amongst the most revered events staged in the world. Our association, as a band, and individuals, is something we are deeply proud of. So much fun, and so much history has graced the ground in and around the lake.”
Aside from great songs, a great band and stunning musicianship, this concert film is special as it was the last tour with the late, great Jeff and Mike Pocaro alongside original Toto member Lukather and David Paich.  The band was touring in support of their album Kingdom of Desire.  The band was fired up and their energy was riding high.  When a band is on fire, then a live recording is a must!   

Sadly, Jeff Pocaro passed away in 1992.  Steve Lukather loved his bandmate and it was still difficult for him not to become consumed with emotions when mixing the album with iconic engineer Niko Bolas.  Steve describes the experience, “The most important thing is you can see and hear the love we have for each other and watching this in 2016 with Niko… well bittersweet is a term that has been so overused but in this case… there were tears and a lot of laughter as the memories of this night and this final tour with Jeff were captured.  You guys get to see a version of the band that will never -and COULD never- be again!” 

When you combine the historic significance with the legendary venue, and the band members who are all extremely talented, one can’t help but be a bit in awe of what the audience is witnessing and hearing. Plus, if you love guitar, Luke is an absolute beast! 

Even if Toto is not your cup of tea, this band, at this time, defined class, musical exuberance and sheer talent.  This one is worth watching… more than once!  

Track Listing:
    On The Run
    Kingdom of Desire
    I’ll Be Over You
    Jake To The Bone
    Red House
    I Want To Take You Higher

By Jeb “Take You Higher” Wright