RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Justin Hayward – All the Way  
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: C

Justin Hayward is famous for being a member of the Moody Blues, yet he has had a solid career as a solo artist.  Eagle Rock Entertaiment has taken the time to release a compilation of the best tracks his solo career has to offer. 

The album also includes a recording he did with The London Philharmonic Orchestra and live performances of Moody Blues classics.  For good measure “The Wind of Heaven,” a new solo effort is included as well.

Look… this is a ‘best of solo’, so the expectations are not that of a new Moody Blues album.  And… this is not a new Moody’s album.  It is the best of Justin outside of his day job.  It is solid, but not as captivating as his famous compositions.  The fact they threw in the Moody Blues songs to tempt you kinda lets that cat out of the bag. 

If you’re a fan of Justin’s and a fan of the Moody Blues then this one is for you.  If you’re a more casual fan, you’ll probably pass.  This one is pretty much exactly what one would expect it to be.


1) Blue Guitar
2) Forever Autumn
3) Broken Dream
4) Troubadour
5) The Best Is Yet To Come
6) One Day Someday
7) One Lonely Room
8) In Your Blue Eyes
9) Vincent
10) Nights In White Satin
11) Raised On Love
12) It’s Not Too Late
13) The Story In Your Eyes
14) The Western Sky
15) The Wind Of Heaven

By Jeb “I’ll stick with the hits” Wright