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The Outlaws – Legacy Live

Rating: B+


The Outlaws are a band that goes back four decades… not many can say that!  In fact, they helped usher in the genre of music known as Southern Rock.  Songs like “Green Grass and High Tides” and “There Goes Another Love Song” are with us for the long haul. This is one band that, no matter what happens, just won’t quit. 

The Outlaws became famous when they combined country sweet vocal harmonies with rip-roaring, root-tootin’ rock and roll guitar riffs.  They could rock, do the Western Swing and then unleash a heartfelt ballad all on Side One of any of their studio efforts and still leave you turning that sucker over to Side Two for more!  Above all, though, they were talented musicians and songwriters as their legacy proves.

In 2016, the Outlaws legacy is about standing on stage and playing for their fans.  Some of the past band members are hanging out with their Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet fallen comrades playing that beer soaked bar in the sky.  Those that remain -in this case original members Henry Paul and Monte Yoho- are doing all they can to pay homage to the great music they created together.

These two men, along with four others (listed below), have put together one hell of a double-live CD titled Legacy Live that is sure to thrill anyone who ever thought about dippin’ SKOAL and drinking warm beer.  Yes, THIS is Southern Rock done up right!  The album is available online and in stores through the label Steamhammer/SPV. 

“I want people to hear this album and see our show and realize that The Outlaws are still there,” says founding member and front man Henry Paul. “Our goal is to unite the fans and bring the group back into the limelight.”

Indeed they did… new and old songs combined… this double-live album is a double-barrel of honest, bare to the bones, soul searching Southern Rock.  This band may not be all original, but the fallen are looking down… true Ghost Rockers in the Sky… loving every minute of it. 

From “There Goes Another Love Song”, “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky”, “Green Grass & High Tides Forever”, “Freeborn Man”, ”It's About Pride”, “Hidin` Out In Tennessee” and “So Long” there is not a note out of place. 

This is one damn fine slab of rock ‘n’ roll from south of the Mason Dixon Line that you don’t wanna miss! 

Crank this sucker up!

CD 1
“There Goes Another Love Song”
“Hurry Sundown”
“Hidin' Out In Tennessee”
“Freeborn Man”
“Born To Be Bad”
“Song In The Breeze”
“Girl From Ohio”
“Grey Ghost”

CD 2
“South Carolina”
“So Long”
“Cold Harbor”
“Trail Of Tears”
“It's About Pride”
“Knoxville Girl”
“Green Grass & High Tides Forever”
“(Ghost) Riders In The Sky”

Henry Paul - guitars, vocals
Monte Yoho – drums
Chris Anderson - lead guitar, vocals
Randy Threet - bass, vocals
Dave Robbins - keyboards, vocals
Steve Grisham - lead guitar, vocals

By Jeb “Boy From Kansas” Wright