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Sammy Hagar – All Night Long
Rock Candy Records

Rating: B

Before Sammy Hagar ever had a huge radio hit as a solo artist he built a solid fan base that loved all things Red Rocker!

Hagar was born to rock ‘live’ and in concert, and his fans banked on every show he did being the best one that they had yet seen.  Now, Rock Candy Records takes us back to the time when being able to pull it off live not only mattered, but was expected as they have released Sammy’s iconic live album titled All Night Long.

This is not the same album you bought on vinyl all those years ago.  Nope, this time out Rock Candy has done it up right.  The audio is fully remastered, there is a 12-page full color CD booklet with new interviews that make this one a better rockin’ experience than ever before.

Sammy is now such a household name that it is nearly impossible to think of him as a guy that used to be in the band Montrose and later struggling with a solo career.  That’s just where he was when this live sucker came out.  Hagar was following up his third solo studio effort when he recorded All Night Long.  The year was 1978 and Sammy was close to breaking out big.

The album contains “I’ve Done Everything for You” which would become a huge hit for Rick Springfield a few years later.  The Montrose classic “Bad Motor Scooter” also is in the set list but there are plenty of other great musical moments.  Check out “Red” which is one of the Red Rocker’s best.  “Young Girl Blues” is another killer song that builds in energy as it continues.  “Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend” is pure Hagar and “Turn Up the Music” is a true anthem.

This one is a must-own for Sammy’s early hardcore fans but it is also a great place for his younger fans to start when digging back through his past catalogue.

A live concert in every sense of the word, delivered with energy and class, which are two words that sum up what The Red Rocker is all about.

Turn this sucker up!

Track Listing:
Rock “N” Roll Weekend
Make It Last/Reckless
Turn Up the Music
I’ve Done Everything For You
Young Girl Blues
Bad Motor Scooter

By Jeb “Standing Hampton” Wright