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Killer Bee – Eye in the Sky
Mighty Music

Rating:  Bee (oh come on… that’s funny)

Killer Bee has been buzzing around Europe and the rest of the globe for a quarter of a century, yet, just as bumble bees in the USA are on the endangered list, Killer Bee has remained under the American rock fan’s radar.  While the lack of notoriety is a shame, it is understandable, as this band has many of its roots in European hard rock bands that also struggled with USA acceptance including Rainbow, Deep Purple and the Scorpions.

Killer Bee continues their hard rocking ways in their newest album Eye in the Sky and this writer must admit, they do this rock and roll stuff very well.  The sound is heavy on guitar and raspy voices.  Just as there are plenty of nods to the aforementioned bands, the Bee’s also mix in a bit of Motley Crue into their music… for proof check out “Shout It Out.”  That opening riff is very much Mick Mars and the scratchy vocals are what Vince Neil wishes he sounded like!

The band has a ‘70s vibe too, as they obviously love the style of guys like Don Airey and Jon Lord.  The organ solo is such a cool thing when mixed properly with distorted guitars!  Killer Bee reaches deep into their Deep Purple soul on several occasions and each time it is pulled out and met with smiling ears.  While there are no clunkers here, the strongest tracks are the title track, “Shout It Out,” “One Step Closer” and “Higher and Higher.”  This is a solid album start to finish.  It harkens back to the days when an album keeps nudging you back to listen to it again.  Each time you give in to a repeated listen, you crank it up a bit louder.

Heavy riffs, fast solos, sneering vocals, big drums and organ solos… come on man, what’s not to love?

This band rocks.  Check ‘em out and you will get addicted to their sweet nectar—oh god… that pun just sounds disgusting.  Scratch that… no more clever writing.  Just know this band rocks and rocks hard, err... What I’m trying to say here is that they are good… okay? Get your mind outta da gutter, you joystick warrior! 

1. Eye In The Sky
2. Shout It Out
3. One Step Closer
4. Higher And Higher
5. Face The Night
6. The Flight
7. Get On Board
8. Joystick Warrior
9. Right Between The Eyes
10. By My Side

Killer Bee is
Brian "BEE" Frank - Lead Vocals
Anders "LA" Rönnblom - Bass, Vocals
Denny Demarchi - Organ, Keys, Vocals
André Hägglund - Guitar, Vocals
Christoffer Sjöström - Guitar, Vocals
Shawn Duncan - Drums, Percussion

By Jeb “Buzz Off” Wright