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The Rolling Stones - From The Vault – Sticky Fingers: Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

The 'From the Vault” series makes Christmas come several times a year for fans of The Rolling Stones. It is a blast to see and hear these amazing concerts from this iconic band. The sound is great, the video is awesome and the in-between interviews are well done and both funny and  informative.

In the fifty-plus years the Stones have been a band they had never performed their classic album Sticky Fingers in its entirety until their 2015 tour. That makes this edition of The Vault very cool. The album had just been reissued and the performance they chose to film and record was opening night at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Being that this show was taped in 2015 the band are older than in some of their other releases. I hate to even mention stuff like this but...they look old. Hell, they are old. That said...they rock this sucker big time. Mick strutted his stuff, Keith and Ronnie looked cool with their age lines...grooves in Keith's case…and Charlie is just Charlie. Other than the white hair he still looks the same.

The album starts with a few tunes not on Sticky Fingers but the reason to own this one is Sticky Fingers. The band tear up “Dead Flowers,” “Sister Morphine,” “Can't You Hear Me Knocking” and “Bitch.” Throw in songs like “Start Me Up,” “Jumpin' Jack Flash” and “Brown Sugar” and you’ve got one hell of a show.

As if that were not enough the band throw in bonus features on the DVD from the concert film All Down the Line. Of these “When the Whip Comes Down” is the most enjoyable.

This is classic Stones...the band still defies age in sound but not in body. Yet...they have the energy of those a third of their age.

This is a fun concert that is very at home on your TV screen and on CD as well.

Nice job!


1) Start Me Up  
2) Sway  
3) Dead Flowers  
4) Wild Horses  
5) Sister Morphine  
6) You Gotta Move  
7) Bitch  
8) Can’t You Hear Me Knocking  
9) I Got The Blues  
10) Moonlight Mile  
11) Brown Sugar    
12) Rock Me Baby  
13) Jumpin’ Jack Flash

1) Start Me Up  
2) When The Whip Comes Down  
3) All Down The Line  
4) Sway  
5) Dead Flowers  
6) Wild Horses  
7) Sister Morphine  
8) You Gotta Move  
9) Bitch  
10) Can’t You Hear Me Knocking      
11) I Got The Blues  
12) Moonlight Mile  
13) Brown Sugar  
14) Rock Me Baby  
15) Jumpin’ Jack Flash  
16) I Can’t  Turn You Loose

By Jeb “I Got the Blues” Wright