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Joe Bouchard – Playin’ History
Joe Bouchard Music

Rating: B+

Joe Bouchard is the original bassist for Blue Oyster Cult. He had a true ‘career of evil’ with the band until he boogied off into the sunset in the 1980s. Joe has done many other musical projects since that time, most notably with the band Blue Coupe (with his brother and BOC alum Albert, and Alice Cooper band founding member Dennis Dunaway). Yet…Blue Oyster Cult remains his biggest claim to fame.

Joe has released many solo efforts on his musical journey. On his latest, Playin’ History, Joe has tipped the hat heavily to the past. The opening track “Renaissance Man” sounds like something that could have been included on Tyranny & Mutation or Secret Treaties. Heck, the entire album has an early 1970s BOC vibe, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me! “52 Agents of Fortune” is a throwback to BOC for sure, the title referring to the band’s classic album Agents of Fortune

The bottom line is that Joe is a talented sum bitch. He has a weirdness to his craft and a spooky, creepy-yet-safe vibe to both his voice and guitar (he plays all of instruments on this album). 

Bouchard writes songs…not riffs. He is interesting in taking the listener on a trip via his creations. It should be noted that he wrote two songs with his pal John Elwood Cook. These happen to be two of the best on the album. Both “Bad Decisions” and “The Written History of Misery” provide a mood of music that will creep back into one’s mind, time and time again.

The good stuff is not just put at the beginning of the album (although opening track “Renaissance Man” is the best of the bunch.) To prove my point, Joe snuck on, at the very end of the  album, one of the best tunes. “Dragonfly 44 Dark Matter” is as strange a title as the BOC song “She’s as Beautiful as a Foot” off their debut!  The song is total BOC/Bouchard.

Look…he can’t help it.  This stuff is in his DNA and when he is in the mood to be playin’ history this is just what comes out.

If you’re a fan of Blue Oyster Cult then you are a fan of this album.

Joe does not copy, or even try to sound like BOC. On this album it just so happens that is what came out this time around.

Of all of his solo efforts this one is my favorite.

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Renaissance Man
Now What Is This?
Bad Decisions    
Diamonds In Blue      
52 Agents Of Fortune
The Mountain House 
Night Owl Nocturne    
The Written History Of Misery     
Dragonfly 44 Dark Matter

By Jeb “Tattoo Vampire” Wright