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WildeStarr – Beyond the Rain
Scarlet Records


Rating: B

WildeStarr is a band that features the husband and wife team of Dave Starr (Vicious Rumors, Chastain) and London Wilde. Joining them on drums is Josh Foster. The band is back with their 3rd album of dramatic and dynamic Heavy Metal titled Beyond the Rain.

Both of the band’s previous efforts were dark, dramatic and powerful. The new album ups the ante as it tells the harrowing tale of London’s brother’s suicide. The concept album is very dark, but still rocks. The emotions run thick as London tells the tale of her brother’s life, death and life after death. Dave matches her emotions with amazing guitar and bass playing. 

Not only are the dramatic and emotional themes kicked up a notch, so is the music. The title track is heavy, melodic and brooding. “Down Cold” is flat out dark!  “Crimson Fifths” is the true story of a man so despondent with the music industry he hangs himself with a guitar string! How London could hold herself together to write and record such a tragic song is a testament to both her spirit and inner strength.

Not to be overshadowed, Dave Starr plays at the highest level of his career. “When the Night Falls” ranks among the best songs this band has ever created. The tune sums up the entire album in a huge way.

The album artwork was created by world renowned digital artist Jonas De Ro. Jonas has worked on many blockbuster movies as a conceptual artist, including Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Jupiter Ascending, 'Edge Of Tomorrow  and many others. He captured the visual mood of the album perfectly.

Wilde and Starr have a deep connection after 15 years of marriage. They are entering that stage where no words are necessary to communicate with each other. Musically, this creates tightness and common sense of purpose. The fact that London is a female equal of guys named “Halford” and “Tate” only adds to the mix.

This is a strong album by a band that is getting better with each musical effort.

Track Listing:
1.  Metamorphose
2.  Beyond The Rain
3.  Pressing The Wires
4.  Red
5.  Down Cold
6.  Rage And Water
7.  Crimson Fifths
8.  Undersold
9.  From Shadow
10. When The Night Fall

By Jeb “London Rocks” Wright