RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Trixter – New Audio Machine
Frontiers Records


Rating: B

Trixter was the last of a trio of New Jersey bands that ascended above the plume of hairspray across the State’s rock and roll clubs. They did manager to have their fifteen minutes of fame but were a tad to late to the party to reach anywhere near the success that Jersey boys Bon Jovi or Skid Rowe achieved. They came damn close. If it were not for that pesky band named Nirvana, some 3000 miles away that put the kibosh on bands like Trixter, they might just have made it to the big time.

Along with every other hair band that ever got a record contract, Trixter is back with a new offering. Unlike most of their peers, however, their album is damn good. Yep, I’ll say it and you can take it to the bank: Trixter have released the best album of their career with New Audio Machine. In fact, it ain’t even close. This sucker is total ‘80’s rock from the opening notes of “Drag Me Down” to the final note of a Skid Row song that was never released titled “Walk with a Stranger.” Guitarist Steve Brown is playing like a guy in a band that is be given a second chance in life and the rest of the band are following his lead.

Just check out “Dirty Love” or “Ride” or “Tattoos & Misery.” If ANY of these songs don’t get you cranking it up to 11, lighting a Marlboro Red and heading for the Mall then you’re dead inside. Sure, we may be older and wiser but who doesn’t miss music that was made to crank up and be fun? We all do, admit it, we all miss the 1980’s and the freedom, the wild nights and, of course, the music.

Don’t be fooled that this is just an album that is a throwback to the past. While it has the ‘80’s vibe this is a side of the band that has not been seen before. Trixter has grown up and they realize that standing on stage and playing tunes is not something to be taken for granted. In addition to the old school vibe is a bit of modern sounding rock – not so much that is seems forced but enough to where you will know it’s still 2012.

Buy this one. Crank it up.
Jeb Wright