RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Trevor Rabin – Jacaranda
Varese Records


Rating: B

Trevor Rabin is one of the finest musicians to come from South Africa, hell, he’s one of the finest to come out of anywhere. Rabin came to international fame with the band Yes when he wrote their album 90125. He stuck around for Big Generator and Talk but after a solo album in 1989, he left the pop world to concentrate on film scores, something he quickly mastered.

Now, releasing his first solo album since 1989’s Can’t Look Away, Rabin proves he deserves the accolades presented in the opening paragraph. This is far from a pop album, or even a total rock record, as Rabin simply amazes listeners with his technique, versatility, virtuosity and physical dexterity. The album crosses genres as jazz, rock, Chet Atkin’s picking and even classical come flying off this man’s talented fingertips.

Trevor Rabin may have waited a long time between solo albums but during that time he has actually became a more mature musician. He transcends the musical boundaries that are supposed to be in place, much like a magical molecule can defy the rules of space and time.
Rabin can drop jaws while playing keyboards as well. His creativity mixed with his knowledge of musical composition assures true music loves will always worship at the alter of Trevor.

By Jeb Wright